About Anthony

Adopting an advanced and prestigious sound, Anthony Croft has honed his skill to craft show-stopping and virtuosic performances specialising in the violin. 

Born into a family rooted with generations of dedicated musicians, he inevitably developed his interest from an early age. With an innate ability and unwavering passion for music combined with years of elite Classical and Folk training, Anthony has grown to become an acclaimed and award winning musician. 

Aside from his renowned success as a musician, Anthony inspires a positive, forward thinking attitude striving to please and impress all who he meets with his approachable demeanour making him an invaluable asset to your special day.

Anthony is available for weddings, corporate functions, private parties and special events. 

Because every event is unique, we’ve put together a diverse range of ready-made packages to best suit your needs.


Here are some samples of Anthony’s varied repertoire.


Get a glimpse of what you’ll be experiencing on your special day.



Please fill in the contact form as accurate as possible to have a better idea of what your event requires. If you have any questions or special requests please write them down on message.